Tuesday, 30 August 2016
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For any technical enquiries, please contact the following officers:

1. Norliza Md Yan (norliza@bnm.gov.my) at 603-91792350 or
2. Dayang Hamidah (dayang@bnm.gov.my) at 603-91792360
For any business enquiries with regards to the following survey, please contact the respective officers:

Quarterly Job Creation Survey
Mohd Fitri Md. Yusof (mfitri@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7673) or email to jcs@bnm.gov.my

Submission of Payments Statistics
1. Noor Affendy Zainal Abidin (affendy@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7481)
2. Nur Amirah Mohd Roslan (namr@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7573)
3. Rohana Ramli (ssrohana@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 8372)
4. Atiah Abd Razak (atiah@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 8029)

Leasing & Factoring Survey 2012
1. Dian Ahmed (dian@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 8795)
2. Saiful Anuar Mohd. Husin (saifulmh@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7781)
3. Farah Liyana Mohd. Anwar (faraliyana@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7799)
4. Habsah Idris (sshabsah@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7446) or
email to LFsurvey@bnm.gov.my

Micro Financing, Micro Enterprise Fund, Lending/Financing Rate and Lending/Financing Islamic Rate
1. Nur Izzati Mohd Jamal (nurizzati@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7348)
2. Mazlialita Mazlan (mazlialita@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7699)

Cross border exposures/presence
Norazmali Sham Abu Hassan (azmali@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 8346)

Submission of Statistical Reports on Money Services Business
1. Vincent Lee (msbr@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7941)
2. Fazizul (msbr@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7632)

Bank Remittance Transactions
Mohd Fitri Md. Yusof (mfitri@bnm.gov.my) at 03-26988044 (ext. 7673)

Anti-Money Laundering Survey
1. Fakhrul at 03-26988044 (ext. 8362) or
2. Wira (ext. 7525) or
3. Farhan (ext. 8493) or
4. Azaharudin (ext. 8162) or
email to fied@bnm.gov.my or call to 03-26988044

Anti-Money Laundering Survey
The username and password will be sent to the law firm by email based on the email address that is in the records of the Bar Council. If the company has changed the email address or has not provided any email address to the Bar Council earlier, they can provide the email address to FIED at fied@bnm.gov.my

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